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10 Spiritual Lessons You Can Learn from Your Dog

by Joanna Sandsmark

Dogs, in many ways, are smarter than we are-as anyone who has ever loved a dog will certainly agree. They react the world immediately, without question: full-hearted excitement, joy, sorrow, love. If we modeled our behavior more closely on the wonderful qualities of our dogs, we'd reconnect with the best qualities of being human. Full of stories, quotations, exercises, and other inspirations, 10 Spiritual Lessons You Can Learn From Your Dog will delight and enlighten spiritual dog lovers everywhere. Contents include: Man's Best Friend
â?¢ Obedience School
â?¢ Say No to Sheep's Clothing
â?¢ Wag Your Tail
â?¢ Go Fetch!
â?¢ Puppy Love
â?¢ Hot Diggity Dog!
â?¢ Work Like a Dog
â?¢ Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks
â?¢ A Dog's Life