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Modernization In Nepal

by Bhadra Ratha Bajracharya,Sita Ram Sharma,Shiri Ram Bakshi

Nepal Is One Of The Developing Societies To Have Started The Process Of Modernization In The Aftermath Of The Industrial Revolution In Europe And The World War Ii. Till Recently Nepal Has Been In The List Of The Least Developed Countries Of The World. The Monarchy Freed Itself From The Clutches Of The Rana Family And Thus Started A Process Of Political Modernization. Nepal Has Embarbed Upon A Planned Economic Development By Adopting The Five Year Plans. Around 1947 There Was Hardly Any University In Nepal. Most Of Its Colleges Were Affiliated To Patna University. But Now A Reasonable Development Of Education In Nepal Has Taken Place. The Panchayat Sytem Has Given Place To Multiparty Democracy In Nepal Under The District Development Committee Act, 1992 Has Decided To Divide The Areas Of 75 District Development Committee (Ddc) Of The Kingdom Of Nepal Into The Minimum Of Nine And Maximum Of Seventeen At Ilakas. In This Book, The Process Of Modernization In Its Historical Perspectives Has Been Analysed.